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The village of Pytchley is situated some three miles South of Kettering in Northamptonshire – the shire of “spires and squires” on the South side of the A14.

Pytchley village is mentioned in the Domesday Book, written in 1086 – 1087, when it was described as part of the land of Peterborough Abbey. It remains part of the Diocese of Peterborough to this day.

Just as surnames have evolved over time, Pytchley has not always been Pytchley. The name has evolved over the centuries.During the eleventh century, the name was Pihteslea; this became Pycseley or even Pyghtesley in the thirteenth century and evolved to Piseley in the sixteen hundreds.

Family History

 – if you intend visiting All Saints’ church or the village for family history reasons please let this web-site know the names you are interested in & the date & approximate time of your visit. All church registers are now deposited with the County Records Office at Wootton Hall Northampton but a booklet showing all graves and memorial inscriptions in the churchyards and in the church and other material on village families is available in the village. The church is not normally open but again someone can unlock it & show you around if we know you are coming

Note that all help is voluntary so please be aware that we may not be available at all times! 


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